…so that secret believers can be nourished with God's Word.

Bible distribution

Civil war is still raging in Syria, and Open Doors is providing aid and relief. But, despite the conflict, our long-term commitment to support the church with Bibles and Christian literature is also continuing.

Last year, Open Doors partners distributed thousands of Bibles in Syria, including many illustrated 'Action' Bibles, specially designed for young people. Indeed, the demand is so big that Syrian churches have requested thousands more.

Distributing these resources is challenging. In the province of Homs, one of our partners distributes hundreds of Bibles and Christian books to Christian families.

"It is not easy to deliver the books," he explained. "On our way to the city we had to pass checkpoint after checkpoint. They ask a lot of questions... I was really worried being on the road with money and books. Please pray for us."

In escaping the conflict, many Christian refugees lose their Bibles or have them confiscated. Receiving new copies fills them with joy. But, with your help, Open Doors is also providing Bibles for refugees who are discovering Christ for the first time.

"A 37-year-old man fled from Al Qusayr to a safer place in the province of Homs with his wife and two children," said our partner. "He became a Christian through the visits we did to his family.

"He led all his family to the Lord. The man started to read the Word of God and study it. We see how important it is to give people Christian literature, as well as the food supplies."

This new convert also received books providing him with Christian teaching on family issues and other topics. He said, "These books have truly helped me to better deal with my children. Because I am so enthusiastic about these books, I now shared them with people we know."

"We had a great time distributing the books, and the families expressed great gratitude and joy for receiving them," said the Bible distributor. "For example, a 12-year-old girl is now reading a lot in the Bible. And we heard of a seven-year-old boy who started memorising several Psalms."

Even in the carnage of war, people need more than food and water: they also need spiritual food, and the strength and comfort which can only come through the Word of God.

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Open Doors delivered over 3 million Bibles, books and Christian resources in countries where such things are prohibited or difficult to obtain.

  • In Central Asia, Open Doors partners distributed 1,004,815 Bibles and Christian resources.
    "God has been helping the church grow even without books; however, Christian literature is a wonderful tool that helps the church stand firm and mature! Our hope is that, through each book, God will touch the hearts of those people who seek Him and those who have never heard of Jesus." – Alexey, Literature Distribution Coordinator for Central Asia
  • In India, Open Doors distributed over 70,000 Bibles, children's Bibles and other pieces of Christian literature – a rise of 62% on the previous year.
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, Open Doors distributed 110,265 Bibles and other Christian resources. These included children's Bibles, given out to children in refugee camps in Nigeria.
    "I hope this Bible will help me to forgive the murderers of my parents. I find it very difficult to get their death out of my mind, but I know there are answers in this book." – Hafsat Barnabas, recipient of children's Bible
  • In North Korea, Open Doors works through local partners to provide persecuted believers with Christian literature and other resources.
    "Thank you for the Christian books you sent us… We appreciate your support with all our hearts. It helps us go forward in our calling in Christ. We, the North Korean believers, are taking such a violent battering from the storm, but we will overcome with our faith in Christ. We will sail into the ark of salvation with faith, hope, and love for the future." – North Korean believer
  • In Syria, almost 125,000 Christian books were distributed by Open Doors partners, including more than 30,000 Bibles and over 25,000 children's Bibles. One group sent us a picture showing them studying the Bible by torchlight: "The Bible verses strengthen and comfort us."
"Not everyone has the opportunity to get a Bible. We need to make a difference. Delivering Bibles and literature is risky, but I intend to continue in this work".
- Pastor in Central Asia