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Bangladesh: Christians face discrimination in aid distribution after flooding

22 August 2017

Christians face discrimination in aid distribution after flooding

Open Doors partners in Bangladesh have reported that Christians who have been victims of the recent flooding have faced discrimination in the government's distribution of aid.

"Many believers (from Muslim backgrounds and Hindu backgrounds) are among these victims. Most of them have been neglected to receive relief from the government because of their faith in Christ. Therefore, we are on our way to distribute aid to them, covering more than 200 families," the team member told us.

She told us that around 64 districts in Bangladesh have been hit by floods, with some 5.7 million people affected. At least 115 people have been killed and nearly 300,000 people have fled their homes and are living in makeshift shelters. These flood victims are suffering for lack of adequate food and safe water. As a result, waterborne diseases and sickness are spreading among the victims, turning into an epidemic.

Bangladesh is number 26 on the 2017 World Watch List. Christians in Bangladesh contend with the reality of persecution every day.

Open Doors works together with local churches to supports persecuted believers through immediate relief to victims of persecution, advocacy, training, literacy, socio-economic development, and distributing Bibles and other literature. Every £22 can provide a Bible to four persecuted Christians in South East Asia.

Please pray:

  • For a safe journey for the team who are delivering support, and for protection for them
  • That local churches will be moved to get involved in supporting victims of the floods
  • That through this aid, these believers will receive comfort and strength from the Lord
  • For all flood victims that they will receive clean water, food and shelter with proper sanitation, and that those that are sick will be given treatment
  • That the government aid workers will be fair and help all in need, and not discriminate against people who need help because of their faith.

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