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Central Asia: Help! My son wants to tell people about Jesus!

25 May 2016

Most of us would be delighted if our children wanted to tell their friends about Jesus. But in countries where Christianity is forbidden this could place the whole family at risk.

Recently the wife of a house church leader in a Central Asian country spoke to one of our fieldworkers about her son and his love for Jesus. What would you do in her place?

"My husband is a leader of our house church. Our son is 6 years old. You have noticed that my son is very joyful and he loves to sing a lot and loudly! It is a big problem for me... as we already had problems with the police, because a taxi driver reported that my son was singing Christian songs.

"But what concern me more is that he recently asked me 'Is my friend, our neighbours going to heaven if hethey dies?' I said, 'If he doesn't know Christ, then probably not.'

"'Then I have to tell him urgently about Jesus!' said my son.

"But I know if he will do this, we will have lots of problems, because we have secret church meetings in our house and also held seminars at home. But if I say, don't share about Jesus to your friend and our neighbours, I am afraid he will grow up without knowing how to share the Gospel.

"Next year he will start school. And every Monday they ask the children, 'What kind of activities did you have on Sunday?'

"And then they will find out about our activities, where we meet, and how we raise our children. My son and all of us are going to face persecution.

"But what would be a right teaching for my son, what can I give him as advice?"

It's a graphic illustration of the difficulties faced by secret Christians in many countries. Christian parents often have to be very careful about what they say to their children in case their children are 'interrogated' at school.

So, what would you say to this mother? What would you advise her to do?

Support Secret Believers in Central Asia

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Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • Pray for wisdom for this mother and for many other believers who face the same situation.
  • Pray that the government of this country will allow freedom of religion.
  • For secret believers everywhere, that they will be wise and sensitive about when and where to share their faith.

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