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Central Asia: Christians tortured and beaten 'brutally' by police

17 May 2017

Four men arrested at a secret church meeting in Central Asia have been violently pressured by state police to recant their faith. The Christians - who had already been arrested four times in the last few months - spent 15 days in prison, during which they were interrogated and tortured.

"[For] 15 days policemen beat us brutally with police batons," one of the men, a pastor, tells Open Doors. "They beat off heels, muscles, joints. They also didn't let us breathe, putting on gas masks and tying hands. The attitude towards us Christians was cruel, inhuman."

Different methods of physical and psychological pressure were applied to the men. All the beatings were accompanied by interrogations. The men were also forced to endure in heat and before being held in cells with almost no water and food.

As a result of the pressure, two of the men renounced Christ.

Furthermore, the men now face having to pay huge fines for 'illegal religious meeting' and 'illegal religious activity', amounting to more than £660 each.

"Open Doors colleagues plan to find a lawyer who would help to change the judgement for the less amount," says a representative from Open Doors. "Also it is necessary to work on rehabilitation of those arrested and their families, maybe some of them would leave country for some time.

The Open Doors representative asks: "Please, pray for released brothers, especially for those who refused Christ - all of them are broken emotionally, pray for their physical and emotional condition and for their families, for their recovery."

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • That God would pour out His grace upon the men, particularly those two who recanted their faith, and that they would know His love for them
  • May the men be healed quickly of their physical and psychological wounds
  • That the families of the men would be comforted by God during this stressful and worrying time
  • For believers in this country, that they would be able to endure the persecution and continue to put their faith in Him.

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