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Central Asia: Christians face abuse, injustice, violence

09 August 2017

Every week, Open Doors receives news from Christians in Central Asia, who face discrimination, suspicion and injustice on a daily basis.

In Tokmak, Kyrgyzstan local Muslim radicals broke into a church, stole items, destroyed furniture and left graffiti on the walls and windows saying "We will kill you", "Don't teach our children" and, simply, "Allah". The Pastor reported the incident to the police, but they received little support. 'The police and authorities are staying away from this case,' reports an Open Doors expert. 'They don't want to help Christians.' Despite this, the church has decided to continue with their normal services and outreach activity.

False accusations

Pastor Miran* from Kyrgzstan was arrested and falsely accused of sexual harrassing a schoolgirl. After spending months in prison and under house arrest, all charges were dropped at his trial, when compelling evidence of his innocence was presented. But there are still difficulties: his church lost its official registration after his arrest, so Miran's ministry is technically illegal. Local people still view him with suspicion and nobody will give him a job. What has helped is knowing that people around the world are praying for him:

"So many people all over the world keep praying for me and my family. It gives me strength and power to move ahead, to keep fighting. Now I see that I have a great family all over the world- I am so grateful for this! God bless all of you, my precious brothers and sisters!"

Secret meeting

In another Central Asian country a group of Christian women - all Muslim-background believers - were arrested during a secret meeting. Police beat them and threatened to imprison them. Four of the group recanted under the pressure, but two of the women - Guliyar* and Asel* - remained resolute. Guliyar - who has cerebral palsy - had already been thrown out of her family home for becoming a Christian. She was fined $1000 for 'illegal religious meetings' and 'proselitysm'. Both women are under strict police control, so communicating with them is difficult. "It is not safe enough, so we still don't have information about the court judgement on Asel and the amount of her fine," reports an Open Doors source. "Please, pray for these strong women, for their faith in this stressful situation."

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • For Christians facing false accusations and unjust treatment
  • For healing for Christians who have undergone traumatic experiences
  • For safety and security for churches

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