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Ethiopia: Answered prayer as charges dropped against Christians

09 September 2015

Thank you for praying for a group of Christians from Asela, Ethiopia who were charged with holding illegal meetings in a secret location. We are happy to report that on 26 August the judge dismissed all charges against them and ordered that the bail they had paid be refunded to them.

The believers were charged after a police raid during a service in which almost 40 new Christians were baptised. They were held in harsh conditions, crammed with 168 other inmates into one small space. They each just had enough space to lie on their side at night. One of them had to sleep in the area used as a toilet.

"The Lord is always good and He can turn everything into the good of His people," said one of the leaders after the charges were dismissed. "Imprisonment for the name of the Lord is not a curse. The Lord can turn it into a source of strength and courage."

The believers thank all who have been praying for them.

Please continue to pray

Please continue to pray for believers in Ethiopia, especially for Tibebu, Dawit and Belete, three believers who have been falsely accused of arson. Read more of their story and find out how you can speak up on their behalf.

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • Thank the Lord for answered prayer
  • For Tibebu, Dawit and Belete, that they will continue to put their trust in the Lord and experience His encouragement
  • For the church in Ethiopia, that it would stand strong against persecution and injustice.

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