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Ethiopia: Imprisoned Christians need your encouragement

30 September 2016

Imprisoned Christians need your encouragement

On 30 June, the Federal Supreme Court in Addis Ababa postponed for the sixth time the hearing of imprisoned believers Tibebu Mekuria, Dawit Jemberu, and Belete Tilahun, who are falsely accused of arson.

Tibebu and Dawit (who are both in their 20s), and Belete (in his 40s) were each sentenced up to nine years in prison in October 2014 - even though witnesses testified that the men were nowhere near the church when it burned down in July 2014.

The men's lawyer has explained in court how the men have been suffering a lot in jail - particularly as their appeal process has now been dragged out for over a year. Meanwhile, in another lawsuit against the men, a judge ruled that they must also pay for damages to the church - more than 1.2 million Ethiopian birr (£42,000).

Despite their disappointments, the men have expressed their trust in God.

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Tibebu, Dawit and Belete need your encouragement. During their imprisonment, they were reported as losing weight and Belete has been struggling emotionally following the recent death of his father. (Belete is also the only one of the men who is married - without him, his family has been struggling to make ends meet.)

Open Doors has launched an online letter-writing campaign for the men - which closes on 30 October 2016. You can encourage the men by sending them an uplifting message, letting them know that you're praying for them and including a Bible verse. Write an encouraging e-message to the men now.

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • That God would uphold and protect Tibebu, Dawit, and Belete in prison
  • That the hearing would soon be held and that the men would receive justice
  • That all believers would be able to worship God freely in Ethiopia.

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