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Iraq: Text Alert Not from Open Doors

26 August 2014

A message entitled "Urgent text from Open Doors" is circulating on social media containing false information about Christians in danger of beheading in Northern Iraq.

This text is NOT from Open Doors, it is a hoax.

We have no confirmation of this information, and are currently looking into it.

While we do not want, in any way, to minimise the extent of the horror facing Iraq's Christians, and other minorities, at the hands of the Islamic State, spreading rumours like this does not help their cause. In the meantime, we ask that you continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq.

The latest information about what is happening in areas like Iraq and Syria can be found on this website. We also release any official announcements via our social media or email channels. We do not release news via text message.

Source: Open Doors

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