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Nigeria: 50,000 Christians strengthened through radio

04 April 2017

How do you keep going with God when your church has been destroyed or you've been forced to flee your home? How do you continue to learn, worship and pray?

This is the situation facing vast numbers of believers in northern Nigeria, where around 13,000 churches have been abandoned, closed or destroyed in the last few years and over a million Christians have been displaced.

But thanks to Open Doors supporters, the faith of 50,000 Christians is being sustained through radio programmes organised in partnership with the local church.

Church decline

In Adamawa, Gombe, Taraba, and Bauchi states, where believers have been worst affected by violent attacks from Boko Haram and Muslim Fulani herders, church life can no longer operate as it once did. Open Doors research shows that churches have seen a decline in attendance of worship services, midweek Bible studies and prayer meetings and a decrease in outreach and community projects. Christians feel isolated, fearful and voiceless. Many do not see much hope for the future of the church and struggle to deal with their trauma, much more to forgive and love their persecutors. They are in desperate need of encouragement. That's why, in light of the immense need, it has become an urgent priority to reach many more people, much faster.

Tsayawa da Karfi chikin Tsanani - or Standing Strong Through the Storm - is a 30 minute biblically-based radio programme that goes out once a week in Hausa, Nigeria's most widely-spoken language. Based on the Open Doors training course of the same name, its goal is to help Christians overcome pressure and persecution with confidence in God, enabling them to show love, forgiveness and grace to those who persecute them.

'Keep the fire going'

Thanks to Open Doors supporters, Tsayawa da Karfi chikin Tsanani is being well received and is now strengthening 50,000 persecuted Christians to stand strong. Here are some of their responses:

"I want to thank God for your programmes. I am always eager to listen to you speak words of encouragement to us. Would you believe it, I have set my alarm for 7pm every Wednesday so that I would not miss a single teaching? God bless you and continue to strengthen your ministry." Ladi, Adamawa state.

"May God bless you all! I don't know how to express my sincere joy and gratitude to God for your beautiful programmes. I feel so happy to know that people are praying for us around the world." - Deborah, Adamawa state.

"I am enjoying your programmes and I have made it a compulsory thing for my family to suspend everything they do and listen. In these hard times we are finding ourselves, this programme has really helped us to stand firm in Christ." - James, Adamawa state.

"I heard your programme titled, 'Standing Strong Through the Storm'. What you are doing is a blessing because it encourages us and builds our faith in times like these. We ask that you extend your time and do more of these programmes. Keep the fire going, and God will never fail you." - Samson, Taraba state.

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • Giving thanks for the positive responses, pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort, teach and build up believers through these programmes
  • For God to profoundly strengthen and encourage the members and pastors of churches that have been seriously affected by attacks
  • For those in government to seek God's help in delivering justice for Christians and peace in their nation.

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