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Sudan: UPDATE - Imprisoned men's lawyers appeal against sentencing

14 February 2017

UPDATE - Imprisoned men's lawyers appeal against sentencing

The lawyers of three men sentenced last month for spying on the state, or aiding and abetting in the spying, have submitted appeal letters and documents to the Supreme Court in Khartoum, a source in Sudan's capital has told Open Doors.

The three men, Czech aid worker Petr Jasek, Darfuri graduate Abdulmonem Abdumawla and Sudanese Pastor Hassan Kodi, now have to wait until the judge at the Supreme Court calls them to discuss the appeal.

Following their sentencing, Abdulmonem and Hassan have been moved to Kober Prison in the Bahari district of Khartoum.

At present, Open Doors is not sure whether Petr has also been moved.

Hassan's mother and daughter, who had taken the news of his sentence very badly, are doing better according to Open Doors' source: "They still have hope in the Lord."

Last month, a judge surprised onlookers as he found Petr, Abdulmonem and Hassan guilty in their long-running trial.

Petr, 52, was sentenced to 23-and-a-half years after being found guilty of various charges, including spying. He was also fined 100,000 Sudanese pounds (around £12,300) for undertaking NGO work without a permit.

Abdulmonem and Hassan were each sentenced to 12 years, their major 'crime' being 'aiding and abetting' Petr in his alleged spying. Their sentences include one year for 'spreading rumours that undermine the authority of the state' - even though the legal maximum penalty for this is six months in prison.

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • That the Supreme Court considering the men's appeal would recognise Petr, Abdulmonem and Hassan's innocence
  • That, whatever the decision, God's light will shine through
  • For the Lord's grace, protection and encouragement to be poured out on all involved.

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