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Syria: 'We are coming back'

15 November 2016


The message has almost faded away, a message once written on a wall in Homs by a Christian who had to flee. It says: "Homs, here is my land, here are my roots, here is my language. How it..." The last phrase is gone. But the writing in brown says: "We are coming back, oh you, the moon of lanes."

Several years ago Homs was taken over by rebel groups. Fierce fighting made living there almost impossible. Thousands fled. But one Christian wrote this, his own version of a Syrian poem written by Nizar Kabani. "We are coming back" - words of hope and faith.

And back they came. Gradually Christians have been returning to their homes in Homs since the Syrian government took back control of the city.

Open Doors partners have been supporting some of these families to rebuild their houses, making it possible for them to live in them once again.


Please pray:

  • Praise God that some displaced families in Syria have been able to return to their homes
  • For peace in Syria, so that more people will be able to return home and remain in Syria safely
  • For wisdom and strength for church leaders and Open Doors partners as they seek to provide support.

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