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Over 70 MPs attend Open Doors report launch

21 January 2015

Over 70 MPs attend Open Doors report launch

In Parliament yesterday at least 74 MPs attended the launch of our latest report, Freedom of Religion and the Persecution of Christians, highlighting the scale and severity of persecution faced by Christians around the world. Jim Shannon MP and Stephen Pound MP both commented on the large number of MPs present, while Angie Bray MP called the event 'brilliant' and 'inspiring'.

MPs shocked

MPs heard from Dr. Ron Boyd-MacMillan (Director of Strategic Trends and Research for Open Doors International) and FCO Minister for Human Rights Baroness Anelay, as well as Nigerian Pastor Rev Daniel Awayi, who described life in the shadow of Boko Haram. Many left shocked by the fact that the persecution of Christians has become more intense in more countries around the world; this global crisis is finally starting to get the level of attention it needs.

Thank you!

We are absolutely delighted by the response we had to the report launch, and this wouldn't have been possible without the help of our supporters! Since we launched our campaign in November, over 6,000 of you sent an invitation to your MP, urging them to attend, and we know many of you have been praying for the event as well - thank you!

What's next?

We'd love to build on yesterday's success and ensure that the persecution of Christians continues to get the attention it deserves - so we need to ask for your help once again. Here are a few things you can do now to help us keep the momentum going.

  • Find out if your MP was at the meeting and send them a thank you note

Below is a list of MPs who were present. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so if your MP said they would come and they aren't on this list, it's very possible that they did - please send them a note of thanks anyway, we may just have missed them!

  • Pray that Parliament will keep the issue of religious freedom on the agenda

We know that many of you were praying for the meeting, asking God to open the hearts and minds of politicians present, and your prayers were certainly answered - to give just two examples, Wayne David MP described the event as 'powerful', while Nigel Dodds MP said it was 'moving'.

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • Praise God for answering so many prayers - that many MPs attended the report launch, and that there was real engagement with the issues being presented
  • That those who attended the report launch will continue to consider the issue of freedom of religion and belief around the world, and will do what they can to defend this basic human right
  • That those MPs who were unable to attend the report launch will still read our report and be moved by the issues raised.

MPs in attendance

  1. Naomi Long MP
  2. Harriett Baldwin MP
  3. Mark Hunter MP
  4. Alistair Carmicheal MP
  5. Rehman Chishti MP
  6. Graham Brady MP
  7. David Rutley MP
  8. Tom Brake MP
  9. Robert Flello MP
  10. Jim Shannon MP
  11. James Paice MP
  12. Tony Cunningham MP
  13. Fiona O'Donnell MP
  14. Neil Carmichael MP
  15. Clive Efford MP
  16. Andrew George MP
  17. Andy Sawford MP
  18. Jeffrey Donaldson MP
  19. Gordon Marsden MP
  20. Angie Bray MP
  21. Kerry McCarthy MP
  22. David Burrowes MP
  23. Nigel Dodds MP
  24. Glyn Davies MP
  25. Annette Brooke MP
  26. Fiona Bruce MP
  27. Nigel Evans MP
  28. Damian Green MP
  29. Adrian Sanders MP
  30. John Hemming MP
  31. David Ward MP
  32. Ann McKechin MP
  33. Steve McCabe MP
  34. Richard Burden MP
  35. Mike Weir MP
  36. Mike Kane MP
  37. John Baron MP
  38. Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP
  39. Duncan Hames MP
  40. Robin Walker MP
  41. Alec Shelbrooke MP
  42. Philip Hollobone MP
  43. Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP
  44. Gavin Barwell MP
  45. Caroline Flint MP
  46. Stephen Pound MP
  47. Sarah Newton MP
  48. Steve Baker MP
  49. Russell Brown MP
  50. Sandra Osborne MP
  51. Lady Sylvia Hermon MP
  52. John Howell MP
  53. Rt Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman MP
  54. Simon Wright MP
  55. Stephen Lloyd MP
  56. Caroline Nokes MP
  57. Wayne David MP
  58. Steve Brine MP
  59. Iain McKenzie MP
  60. Rt Hon Jenny Willott MP
  61. Jesse Norman MP
  62. Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP
  63. Richard Fuller MP
  64. Mark Lazarowicz MP
  65. David Anderson MP
  66. Jim Cunningham MP
  67. Brian H. Donohoe MP
  68. Frank Roy MP
  69. Jason McCartney MP
  70. Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP
  71. Sir Edward Leigh MP
  72. James Clappison MP
  73. Henry Smith MP
  74. John Pugh MP
  75. Gary Streeter MP (Sent a Representative)
  76. John Glen MP (Sent a Representative)
  77. Nick de Bois MP (Sent a Representative)
  78. Sir Oliver Heald MP (Sent a Representative)
  79. Sir Gerald Howarth MP(Sent a Representative)
  80. Dame Anne Begg MP (Sent a Representative)
  81. Rt Hon John Hayes MP (Sent a Representative)
  82. Mike Freer MP (Sent a Representative)
  83. Mark Garnier MP (Sent a Representative)
  84. Eleanor Laing MP (Sent a Representative)