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Christian Rohingya refugees have homes destroyed

10 October 2016

Your prayers are requested for a group of Christian refugees from Myanmar.

These are members of the Rohingya people - a Muslim minority who are viciously persecuted in Buddhist-governed Myanmar. But this group of Rohingyas has become Christians, a choice which makes even their own people hate them. They become outcast among the outcasts.

The Christians who had their homes destroyed are living in a refugee camp in another country. According to our local Open Doors worker, on 4 October, the homes of seven Rohingya believers were destroyed by around 25 Muslims in their camp. The mob also threatened the leader of the camp with death, forcing him to consider moving to another city next month.

The believers are afraid to report the case to the UNCHR because they're afraid that if they do, their Muslim compatriots in the refugee camp will give them even more trouble.

Many Rohingyas flee Myanmar for their own safety. In 2015, the case of some of these refugees hit world headlines when a group of 'boat people' were refused entry by Malaysia and Indonesia after fleeing Myanmar.

Source: Open Doors

Please pray:

  • That God will protect these believers, especially their group leader.
  • That the Lord would provide for the repair and restoration of their homes.