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Pray for churches celebrating Christmas this Saturday

06 January 2017

Pray for churches celebrating Christmas this Saturday

Around the world, believers from Eastern and Eastern Orthodox churches will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow, on Saturday 7 January. But in areas where hostility and persecution against Christians is high, packed churches and large gatherings can leave Christians vulnerable to attack.

Amongst the churches celebrating Christmas this Saturday will be St Mark's Coptic Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt, and its adjoining chapel, which last month was rocked by a deadly suicide attack by so-called Islamic State militants.

Though the chapel building has now been restored, the pain is still fresh for the families and friends of those who died in the attack. Among them was Maggie - the only child to be killed in the bombing.

"Maggie will not celebrate Eastern Christmas tomorrow with her family," writes an Open Doors worker in Egypt. "She is now with the Lord in a much better place where there is no more pain, sorrow and evil... I'm sure there will be many aching moments, tears and unbearable thoughts that will stay with Maggie's family tomorrow and many years to come, but undoubtedly, according to Psalm 37, the Lord upholds them with His mighty hand."

As well as in Egypt, Eastern and Eastern Orthodox Christians will be celebrating Christmas this Saturday in Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and Eritrea - all of which currently feature on the Open Doors World Watch List (a ranking of the countries where believers face the severest persecution for their faith). There are also minority Eastern Orthodox believers in other areas, including the volatile Middle East.

You can pray for persecuted believers vulnerable to attacks as they gather for Christmas celebrations by using the prayer points below.

Source: Open Doors; Christian Today

Please pray:

  • For Maggie's family and all other families of who have lost dear ones in attacks on Christian gatherings
  • That the Lord's hand of protection would be on all those gathering to celebrate Christmas this weekend
  • That Christians would be able to spread the message of the gospel in countries like Egypt, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and Eritrea.