• Leader: President Azali Assoumani
  • Population: 826,000 (4,200 Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Government: Republic
  • World Watch List Rank: 42
  • Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism

Comoros' constitution states that all public policies must be based on Islamic beliefs.

The spread of any religion except Islam is illegal: those who convert to Christianity can be prosecuted, and are put under pressure not to practise their faith by the Muslim majority, leaving them little option but to live as secret believers. Despite a positive trend towards democracy in the country, the influence of radical Islam is growing. Radical scholars, many of whom are trained in other Muslim nations, are pushing for stricter Islamic laws.

Please Pray 

  • For wisdom for Christian parents from Muslim backgrounds: all children are taught from the Quran in schools
  • For protection and increased freedom for house churches: they are frequently spied on and denied the right to distribute Bibles
  • For political leaders who pit themselves against Christians, that they would come to know the Lord.


How we help

Open Doors has come alongside Christians in Comoros since the 1990s. Through strategic partnerships with the local church, Open Doors supports and equips the persecuted church through:

  • Integrated conomic development programmes
  • Leadership and management development
  • Cross-cultural evangelism training.

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