• Leader: President Nursultan Nazarbayev
  • Population: 18 million (4.6 million Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Government: Republic
  • World Watch List Rank: 43
  • Source of Persecution: Dictatorial paranoia

Persecution is mainly caused by a repressive government seeking to control all areas of life.

Religious freedom is already restricted by new legislation, and the government is using the threat of militant Islam to restrict more areas of freedom and increase its control over society. Converts to Christianity from a Muslim background bear the brunt of persecution from state, family, friends and community. Churches that are active in evangelism suffer from raids, threats, arrests and fines - especially if a church has not been registered.

Please Pray 

  • For those who are beaten and imprisoned for leaving Islam and turning to Christ
  • For God to give His peace and rest to Christian leaders under surveillance
  • Ask God to change the hearts of government authorities who seek to suppress or eradicate Christianity.


How we help

Open Doors provides immediate aid to Central Asian believers when they are placed in prison, excluded them from families and communities, and deprived of livelihood and employment because of their faith in Christ. We also strengthen the persecuted church in Central Asia through:

  • Literature distribution
  • Training (biblical training, children/youth training, advocacy and awareness training, vocational training)
  • Women's ministry
  • Income-generating projects
  • Relief ministry.

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