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As persecution increases, your family needs your support to keep faith and hope alive

Country Fact Sheet

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Kenya flag

Leader: President Uhuru Kenyatta
Population: 47.3 million (38.7 million Christians)
Main Religion: Christianity
Government: Republic
World Watch List Rank: 16
Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism

Despite the fact that Kenya has a Christian majority of 82%, violence against Christians is rising sharply.

Historically, Christians and Muslims have co-existed peacefully, but in recent years the northeast and coastal regions have become hotspots of Islamic extremism. Some of this has spilt over from neighbouring Somalia, the home of militant Islamist group al-Shabaab. Over 200 Christians were killed in Kenya in 2015; 147 of those were Christian students at the university in Garissa that was attacked in April.

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Please Pray: 

  • For protection for Christians, particularly in the northeast and coastal regions
  • For God to continue to work through Open Doors partners as they support bereaved Christians and communities
  • Believers from Muslim backgrounds must hide their faith in Jesus, as they could face deadly attacks from their families or communities if their conversion is discovered - ask God to give them strength and wisdom.


Open Doors in Action:

Open Doors has been working in Kenya through local partners and churches since the early 2000s, offering support to churches in the volatile Islam dominated northeastern border and coastal regions. Open Doors assists in the following areas:

  • Cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship training
  • Economic empowerment
  • Leadership and management training for church leaders
  • Trauma care training.

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