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Country Fact Sheet

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Libya flag

Leader: Disputed
Population: 6.3 million (20,000 Christians)
Main Religion: Islam
Government: Provisional government
World Watch List Rank: 10
Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism

Libya has descended into lawlessness since the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, giving groups such as the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) free rein to attack Christians.

Libya is a deeply Islamic culture, so Libyan Christians must keep their faith completely secret; churches for Libyans and Christian literature in Arabic are forbidden. While migrant Christians are allowed to practise their faith in Libya, many have paid the ultimate price; dozens of Christians from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt were kidnapped or killed by extremists in Libya in 2015.

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Please Pray: 

  • For protection for Christians in Libya - hundreds are reported to have been abducted by paramilitaries and imprisoned
  • For Christians to find ways to meet together - religious gatherings are illegal for Libyans if they are not Islamic, which makes Libyan believers afraid to meet
  • For ongoing peace talks between different ruling factions to be fruitful, and for a stable and safe Libya to be formed.


Open Doors in Action:

In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors is supporting the church in Libya through:

  • Training
  • Literature distribution
  • Socio-economic development projects
  • Advocacy.

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