• Leader: Sultan Qaboos
  • Population: 4.7 million (204,000 Christians)
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Government: Absolute monarchy
  • World Watch List Rank: 49
  • Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism / Dictatorial paranoia

Omanis practise a tolerant, non-violent form of Islam called Ibadhism.

The constitution provides for religious freedom and apostasy is not a criminal offence - but it is not respected by the legal system either, which assumes all citizens are Muslims. Society shuns those who leave Islam, and believers from Muslim backgrounds (BMBs) risk legal discrimination as well as losing their family, house and job. Foreign Christians are allowed to worship in private, but their facilities are restricted and Christian meetings are monitored for political messages and nationals who may be attending.

Please Pray 

  • For protection and boldness for new believers. Pray that their families and peers will be touched by their witness
  • That expatriate Christians will always be ready to share the hope and salvation they have
  • There is fear that the fighting in Yemen could spill over the border. Pray that the influence of radical Islamic groups will not spread.


How we help

Open Doors supports the church in Oman by raising prayer and awareness.