Tajikistan : Pastor Bahrom and family


In April 2017, Protestant church leader Pastor Bahrom Kholmatov (42) was summoned for questioning and then arrested by Tajikistan's National Security Committee. Three months later, he was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for 'singing extremist songs in church and so inciting religious hatred'.

During the court case, the prosecution brought false witnesses against Pastor Bahrom. And the Tajik authorities also threatened his family, friends and other church members, warning them not to reveal any details of the case, trial or imprisonment.

Pastor Bahrom's wife, Gulnora, has been able to visit her husband and says that he is doing well. She shares that, though Bahrom is prepared and ready to serve the whole three years, he hopes to be released earlier. He is strong and calm now, but it is not easy for him.

Bahrom and Gulnora have three children, sons Firdavs (21) and Firus (19), and daughter Gulnoza (14).

Could you encourage Pastor Bahrom and his family to stand strong and keep the faith?

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