India: Kusum


After tragically losing her husband a couple of years ago and then her 5-year-old son in January 2016, Kusum* (25) was blamed for their deaths by her Hindu in-laws because of her conversion to Christianity. She was almost killed for her faith. But since then, life has continued to be difficult for her and her nine-year-old son, and the village she lives in has turned hostile towards Kusum.

"I was forced to bury my son all by myself," she explains, hinting at the isolation she feels. Thankfully, Kusum's family - her parents and sister - have been standing by her, helping financially and visiting her and her ten-year-old son. But Kusum finds the increasing hostility of the villagers very difficult.

As a Christian, Kusum can't get work and is physically too weak to travel the many miles it would take for her to find a job. And to go to church, she and her family must walk miles to be allowed to worship corporately.

But despite these troubles, Kusum remains faithful to the Lord. "Whatever happens, I will never stop believing in Jesus Christ... Please pray for my son. He struggles with his studies and cannot cope with the loss of his brother yet. Pray for the salvation of my village. Please pray that I will recover from a persistent virus that's affecting my body. To all of those who pray, I give thanks."

Could you let Kusum know that you are praying for her and her son?

You can read more of Kusum's story here - how she faced death at the hands of her father-in-law and her recent struggles to be accepted by her village.

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*Name changed for security reasons