Leader: President Uhuru Kenyatta
Population: 42.8 million (35.5 million Christians)
Main Religion: Christianity
Government: Republic
World Watch List Rank: 40
Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism

Kenya is said to be a majority Christian country, but in the Muslim-majority areas there are high levels of intolerance and hostility towards Christians. As with Tanzania and Uganda, there is a real Islamist drive to get Kenya under the African 'House of Islam', with pressure to enshrine this in the constitution. Al-Shabaab and similarly inspired extremist groups were last year responsible for a high level of violence against Christians; 22 were killed and more than 10 churches were burnt, looted or destroyed.

Please Pray:

  • For Muslims who convert to Christianity, and Christians who marry Muslims, being pressurised to revert to Islam
  • That recent grenade attacks on churches won't deter people from attending or instil fear in Christians
  • That Open Doors' leadership and discipleship training courses will strengthen the church to stand firm.

Persecution dynamics

The recent high level of violence against Christians and churches in Kenya is remarkable and much of it has to with al-Shabaab or al-Shabaab-inspired extremist groups. There is a real Islamist drive to get Kenya under the African 'House of Islam'. Muslims who convert to Christianity are pressurised to revert to Islam, as are Christians who marry Muslims.

In the multi-year process towards the drafting of the new constitution (approved in 2010), Muslim leaders have been putting pressure on the government to give recognition to Islam. A very significant element was their claim to get a provision for the right to establish Islamic family courts ('khadi' courts) in all counties. The future for the church in Kenya is worrying and the level of fear among Christians is growing rapidly.

Open Doors in Action

The role of Open Doors is:

  • To distribute Bibles and Christian literature
  • To provide theological leadership and discipleship training courses
  • To offer seminars in cross-cultural ministry and holistic awareness
  • To provide socio-economic development projects to help Christians in need.

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