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Christians across the Middle East – and in particular, young believers – often struggle to envision a bright future. Years of war and persecution have worn them down. But your prayers and support are comforting and strengthening Christians like Baher (name changed) in Egypt, helping to revive their faith and their hope for the future.

Baher was just 13 when began working in a quarry in Egypt – one of the only jobs available to him at the time because he was a Christian. Not long after beginning his work, Baher lost an arm while operating heavy machinery. Tragically, a few years later, his older brother was killed while working in the quarry.

Baher fell into deep depression. Now disabled, he struggled to find work – and any businesses he tried to set up failed because people refused to trade with him because of his faith. He questioned God and felt very alone. But that’s when you stepped in. Local Open Doors partners visited Baher, listened to him and prayed with him. They also helped him to set up a sheep-farming business, which is thriving. “I am blessed with the microproject the ministry provided me,” says Baher. “It is now working very well, and I can provide for my parents and for my brother’s wife and children. If you had not helped me with it, I would not have had any income.”

Baher now attends church regularly and receives a lot of support from his church community. He is also part of a discipleship group and has his own copy of an audio Bible. In further good news, Baher’s sheep-farming business has gone from strength to strength, enabling him to save enough money to buy a small house. Thank you!

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Your support helps persecuted Christians continue to courageously follow Jesus. Together, we can reach those where persecution hits hardest.