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…so that secret believers can be nourished with God's Word.

Bible distribution

"If it weren't for your organisation, we couldn't have distributed these Bibles. You are really standing beside us in supporting the church here," says Judah*, a Bible distributor supported by Open Doors who has been working on the Arabian Peninsula for years.

Judah knows all about the challenges of importing Bibles into the strict Muslim countries on the Peninsula. In some countries like Saudi Arabia and Yemen, importing Bibles in larger quantities than one or two for personal use is forbidden. Bibles are not sold in general shops, only on church compounds, and they are usually not easily accessible for nationals.

With all these restrictions it is difficult for the gospel to find its way into the heartland of Islam. Yet in Judah's experience, there is now more openness than ever. "The Word of God is eaten here. People are so hungry for the Word that it just finds its ways to them," he says.

Judah is full of stories about how the Word of God has reached people and changed lives, most noticeably among non-Western migrant workers.

"Many of their pastors are very bold in sharing the gospel among their fellow nationals. They use whatever way they can to share the gospel."

Open Doors also sponsored 5,000 New Testaments that were distributed during Christmas celebrations to migrant workers who are often exploited in hard labour

Judah also received a thousand audio Bibles in different languages on micro SD cards from an Open Doors traveller visiting him. "Many labourers from Asian countries are functionally illiterate, so reading a Bible is very hard for them. They can simply insert these chips with audio Bibles into their phones and listen to the gospel. Some of them heard the gospel for the first time in their mother tongue while working in this restricted country."

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Last year, Open Doors delivered over 2.5 million Bibles, books and Christian resources in countries where such things are prohibited or difficult to obtain.

Open Doors UK and Ireland funded £1,017,581 to provide Bibles, books and other Christian resources. A large proportion of this funded the provision of Bibles to the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Many believers in Central Asia do not have Bibles, access to the internet or Christian bookstores. Over 910,000 Bibles and other Christian resources were delivered in Central Asia last year.
    "Thank you so much for providing our church with Bibles. Without your help, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to give people the most important thing - the Word of God!" - Pastor Hakeem
  • Open Doors distributed over 114,000 Bibles and Christian resources in Syria last year.
    "I visited the house of a widow and discovered her Bible had been burned during the occupation of Maaloula. I was so happy I had Bibles with me and could give her a new one. She was really thankful." - Open Doors Partner, Syria
  • In the Gulf region, over 257,000 Bibles and items of Christian literature were distributed last year.
  • More than a thousand Palestinian Christians attended the third Palestinian Bible Day, organised by the Palestinian Bible Society and sponsored by Open Doors.

*Name changed for security reasons

"I have been praying for another bible and God sent you to bring me this gift today! Thank you so much!".
- A secret believer from the Uyghur people in China