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…so that secret believers can be nourished with God's Word.

Bible distribution

“We need as many Bibles in our own languages as possible,” says Patrick*, a church leader from a Muslim background in China. “We don’t know where to find them, so please bring as many as you can. Many brothers and sisters need them!”

Believers from Muslim and Buddhist backgrounds are the most persecuted Christian groups in China. Mandarin Bibles can be accessed online or in government-registered churches, but many believers surviving under the radar of the authorities don’t speak Mandarin. Bibles in minority languages are hard to find.

Despite increased security control and restrictions, Open Doors provides contextualised Christian materials in minority languages. We also support believers from Muslim backgrounds in developing their own materials.

When one believer received a Bible in his own language, his eyes brightened as if he had spotted a treasure. He held it close to his chest and said, “Thank you so much, brother! I’ve been dreaming about having a Bible for so long!” We later heard that he gave his Bible to a friend who was very interested in reading it.

* Names changed.


Last year, Open Doors delivered over 2.5 million Bibles, books and Christian resources in countries where such things are prohibited or difficult to obtain.

Open Doors UK and Ireland funded £907,878 to provide Bibles, books and other Christian resources. A large proportion of this funded the provision of Bibles to countries in Asia and the Middle East.

  • “If it weren’t for your organisation, we couldn’t have distributed these Bibles. You are really standing beside us in supporting the Church here.” - Bible distributor in the Arabian Peninsular
  • “God revealed to me how precious I am to Him and that it doesn’t matter if I have an earthly family or not. I learned to look at myself through His eyes and learned to respect and love myself. My life absolutely changed thanks to this small book.” - Secret believer in Central Asia
  • “Thank you so much for books and CDs you bring us… We live in a Muslim republic, that’s why we can read only books which are approved by Muslim religious leaders. But you give us a chance to have a new perspective.” - Fatima, beneficiary of Open Doors distribution ministry in Central Asia
  • “Such a powerful book! Christians must read it to equip themselves with legal knowledge, especially church leaders and mission workers who are on the frontlines. It will build their confidence in dealing with such challenges. Thank you, Open Doors!” - Recipient of legal book produced by Open Doors.

"Thank you so much, brother! I’ve been dreaming about having a Bible for so long!".
- Chinese believer