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...so that they can live independent, fulfilled lives.

Before the Boko Haram insurgency, the agricultural Christian communities in north-eastern Nigeria were self-reliant. But the militant group’s targeted violence against Christians has disrupted farming for years now. These believers have also faced exclusion from food aid, so our brothers and sisters have come to feel like beggars, facing hunger and malnutrition. However, thanks to a generous response from supporters, Open Doors has been able to provide relief aid to 15,000 desperate families in this area. For Rhoda and thousands of other beneficiaries, this aid is evidence of God’s care.

“When God says: ‘Never will I leave you nor forsake you,’ He was talking to me,” says Rhoda. “Who am I that you send help to me? I am speechless. You are indeed angels sent by God to wipe my tears away.”

Rhoda became responsible for providing for the family after Boko Haram killed her father. The relief aid from Open Doors caused Rhoda to take a long and hard look at her own heart. “I hated Muslims and swore never to help them even if they are at the point of death because they always deny us any support. But this support I received through Open Doors is unconditional and it has helped me to alter my previous hatred for Muslims. I have now found a new perspective.”


Open Doors supporters in the UK and Ireland gave £3,570,555 to community development, livelihood training and relief projects last year.

Open Doors brings practical support to widows, to orphans, to those displaced by violence or natural disaster. Worldwide, Open Doors served over 850,000 persecuted Christians last year, through relief aid, livelihood support and community development projects.

  • “Most organisations just distribute food and give people some money. They eat it, they spend it and it’s gone. This project offers long-term hope since it guarantees people’s salary for the future. And it has become self-sufficient, no new grants are needed to support this factory.”  - Local church leader at a stone-cutting factory which employs Iraqi Christians.
  • “You paid for my parents’ medical expenses. Without your support, they would have died.” - Recipient of financial support in India.
  • “Because I couldn’t read the Bible myself, I was worried how I would be able to share the Good News to my two kids. My limited understanding of the Bible always barred me from sharing about Jesus. But now I am actively involved in church ministry.” - Christian literacy student in Bhutan.
  • “Through the well, we became a testimony to the villagers of Aao that our God is the giver of everything. Though there was a special instruction from the district police office that Christians were not allowed to fetch water from the government wells unless we renounced our faith, we were comforted by the Word of the Lord that He always provides for His children.”  - Persecuted Christian helped by a new well in Laos.
"To all the beloved of Open Doors, I say as a mother, thank you to everyone. If today my children and I live, eat and are clothed it is you that God used to provide all these blessings."
- Sharifa, widowed mother-of-eight, Cameroon.