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...so that they can live independent, fulfilled lives.

Open Doors supporters in the UK and Ireland gave £3,764,683 to community development, livelihood training and relief projects last year.

Thanks to supporters like you, Open Doors helped 375,919 persecuted Christians with emergency relief, community development, education and medical care.

Which included:

  • helping over 15,400 people to rebuild their homes or churches
  • providing over 198,000 people with emergency relief
  • offering livelihood training and support to over 46,000 people

NEW JOBS, NEW skills

When Christians are expelled from their communities, they need new jobs and new skills.

“With the help of your ministry we have rented a place where persecuted Somali believers can be safely discipled without fearing for their lives. We plan, with your help, to train them in business principles so that they can generate their own finances.” Muktar*, secret church leader in the Horn of Africa

Back to their roots

Christians have been returning to their traditional communities in Syria and Iraq. In one part of southern Syria, Open Doors partners are supporting around 100 Christian families to return to their village, not only fixing their homes and providing furniture, but also planting 1,000 olive trees.

“The impossible has become possible with the return of Christians to the Nineveh Plain. They have returned to the place they historically identify with.” Father Thabet, Karamles

In Syria, 16 churches become Centres of Hope, supporting believers in Syria to stay and serve their communities


"To all the beloved of Open Doors, I say as a mother, thank you to everyone. If today my children and I live, eat and are clothed it is you that God used to provide all these blessings."
- Sharifa, widowed mother-of-eight, Cameroon.