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...so that persecuted Christians get the support they need.


Churches and Christian networks in the UK and Ireland have engaged with the ministry as never before: we have received extraordinary support in 2016 from New Wine and Spring Harvest, as well as many churches across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Open Doors launched a Partner Church scheme, an opportunity for churches to develop a longterm relationship with the persecuted church. Several influential churches were among the first Partner Churches and they will continue to influence others to partner with us too.

Open Doors continued to develop relationships with key church networks during 2016. These include Spring Harvest, New Wine, Church of England, Elim, Vineyard, Fresh Streams, Salt and Light and churches of Afro-Caribbean heritage.

This year, Open Doors saw key influencers and ambassadors begin to speak up for persecuted Christians in the regions. For example, one church leader from Ipswich was so moved by his trip with Open Doors to Algeria that he signed up to become a Partner Church straight away and is encouraging churches all over East Anglia to partner with Open Doors too.

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"I was healed from my troubles when I first received the support for my family. But this time the healing was from the inside."
- Abebu, An Ethiopian Widow