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...to give them protection, provision and a Christian education.

Training statistics

In most Colombian indigenous groups, Christianity is considered a crime and Christians are denied basic rights such as education, housing, and healthcare. Most Christian children have a low level of education because going to school means giving up their faith. Others are forced to flee from violence or recruitment into guerilla groups.

The Open Doors Children’s Centre, home to 51 persecuted children, offers an opportunity for education and freedom. The children receive spiritual development, psychological and trauma care, education, vocational training, music training, computing skills and agricultural training.

“Here I have learned so much about loving God. When I grow up I want to be like my teachers and impact my community,” says one 15-year-old girl from the centre.


Supporters in the UK and Ireland contributed £495,054 towards supporting children of the persecuted church last year – and much of this was through regular giving. This has enabled us to provide regular ongoing practical help and care to thousands of children who are bullied, displaced or even orphaned, just because they are Christian.

Thanks to your support, we can provide hurting and vulnerable children with:

  • Safe houses and homes, to give them a safe and loving place to grow up
  • Education so that persecution won't stop them from fulfilling their potential
  • Sunday schools and children's camps, where they can be free to learn more about Jesus and make friends
  • Bibles and Sunday school resources to help them encounter God for themselves.

Thank you for helping us to assure these children that although they are bereft of parents, they haven’t been forgotten by their global church family.

"I don’t know exactly what to say. But in my heart I am so happy. The Lord will bless those who provided this Bible for me."
- Maryam Danjuma, Nigeria