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...to give them protection, provision and a Christian education.

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Jeovani Mongounou was worshipping in church one Sunday in April, 2013. Seleka rebels fired a rocket-propelled grenade into the building, killing seven people and severely injuring 33, including Jeovani and his young friends Dieu Fera and Steven. All three boys lost their legs in the explosion.

Open Doors was there to support these children, providing prostheses, paying for school fees and giving their families money to start small businesses.

Yet life was frustrating for Jeovani. The limitations he experienced in moving around were terribly trying, especially when he saw how well his friends, Dieu Fera and Steven, seemed to be progressing. Open Doors began a letter-writing campaign to offer support from his global church family.

The letters Jeovani received have greatly encouraged him. “He was all smiles and very happy when we met him,” our local co-worker reported after a visit. “He tells his friends that people abroad care for him, showing them the cards and letters and images from children around the world that he received. Although he cannot read English, the images speak to him.”

Open Doors also arranged for new prostheses to be delivered, and as a result, Jeovani is now able to walk with only one crutch. “I am so happy to see my son able to walk to school by himself!” his mother told us excitedly.

When asked at the end of the visit how we could pray for him, Jeovani said: “Please pray for my studies and that I would be wise in school. Pray for my mother’s business so that we can have everything we need.”


Supporters in the UK and Ireland contributed £708,049 towards supporting children of the persecuted church last year – that is £250,382 more than in 2016. This has enabled us to provide long-term support and prayer for children and young people who are bullied, displaced or even orphaned, just because they are Christian.

Thanks to your support, we can provide hurting and vulnerable children with:

  • Safe houses and homes, to give them a safe and loving place to grow up
  • Education so that persecution won't stop them from fulfilling their potential
  • Sunday schools and children's camps, where they can be free to learn more about Jesus and make friends
  • Bibles and Sunday school resources to help them encounter God for themselves.

Thank you for helping us to assure these children that although they are bereft of parents, they haven’t been forgotten by their global church family.

"I don’t know exactly what to say. But in my heart I am so happy. The Lord will bless those who provided this Bible for me."
- Maryam Danjuma, Nigeria