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...so that they can stand strong for Jesus.

“Discipleship is the first and most significant step in following Jesus. You can’t expect a new believer to understand the Bible without proper guidance,” says Paulus, leader of a group of 20 lay leaders supporting believers from a Muslim background in a country we cannot name in South East Asia.

In partnership with Open Doors, Paulus and other leaders meet the need for discipleship. House churches run discipleship classes to help new believers from a Muslim background to build a solid foundation for their faith. Support from Open Doors helps new Christians to attend these classes: most come from low income families and live quite a distance from their leaders. Without support, they would not be able to afford the journey to the class.

“My life has changed after attending this discipleship class. This discipleship method works very well for me,” said Aisyah*. “I have become a better person. That is why I’m dedicating myself to disciple others so that they can also develop good characters.”

Aisyah is one example of the multiplication impact of discipleship — making a disciple to be a disciple maker. Aisyah’s mentor, Bayu*, has always encouraged her disciples to share their learnings with others.

Paulus and his team share success stories like these to spur one another on, in twice-weekly meetings. Some of the lay team travel for hours by motorbike to reach Paulus’ house. All of them are driven by passion and vision for the ministry.

* Names changed.


Last year, Open Doors trained over 500,000 Christians facing persecution and discrimination. Courses included theological training, dealing with persecution and trauma counselling.

Open Doors UK and Ireland contributed £2,629,584 towards theological training and discipleship training programmes, Sunday school teacher training and trauma counselling.

  • “I came out of that training transformed – a new person. To me this was way more than just a simple training. It transformed my whole life, my whole ministry, my personal Christian walk and even that of my family.”  - Recipient of Bible training in Chad.
  • “In the past, sometimes I hurt the people I tried to help because I gave temporary solutions that did not address the real problems and their root causes. I regret this very much. I have shared the knowledge I gained with my co-workers. Since then we have trained and organised a group of counsellors to help believers.”  - Leader helped by trauma awareness training in East Africa.
  • “It is hard to explain the impact of the class. It revived my spiritual life. It motivated me to read more, to dig more, and it helped me to know God better. God bless all of you who prayed for the theological training to be transforming in our lives.”  - Recipient of theological training in Ethiopia.
  • “We learned a lot here. We thought we were working alone but now I see we have a big family. There are many of us now.” - Secret believer helped with persecution preparedness training in a closed Muslim country, South Asia.
"This discipleship course is life-changing – other programmes and studies were only theological knowledge. The training is very helpful to understand who God is, to know Jesus, and to get tools to continue as a Christian.
- Abid - who attended an Open Doors training course for new believers in a secret location