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...so that they can stand strong for Jesus.

Last year, Open Doors UK and Ireland contributed £2,799,076 towards theological training and discipleship training programmes, Sunday school teacher training and trauma counselling.

Worldwide, Open Doors trained 570,702 persecuted Christians through leadership and discipleship courses, trauma care training and persecution survival seminars.

Which included:

  • trauma counselling for over 26,000 Christians
  • training for more than 81,000 Christians to help them withstand persecution
  • discipleship training for almost 160,000 Christians

Supporting networks of believers

New cells and networks of believers from Muslim backgrounds are multiplying – especially across the Middle East and North Africa. In the Horn of Africa, Medina* started a small business which gave her the opportunity to share the gospel with four people. Those four people shared what they heard with 26 others. It’s all about the multiplication.

Supporting vulnerable women and girls

Christian women and girls are doubly vulnerable to persecution – because of their faith and their gender. In Egypt, where Christian women and girls face intimidation, extortion and sexual harassment, groups support at-risk Christian girls to recognise the risks.

“This is the first time we feel like humans. The first time we feel that there are people who come to give us something instead of taking something from us. We feel alive when we attend the group meetings. We feel that we are appreciated and valued.” Justine* and Dina*, who attend a support group for vulnerable girls run by Open Doors partners

* Names changed.


"This discipleship course is life-changing – other programmes and studies were only theological knowledge. The training is very helpful to understand who God is, to know Jesus, and to get tools to continue as a Christian."
- Abid, who attended an Open Doors training course for new believers in a secret location