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What's your legacy?

Your Will is an opportunity to bless and provide for those you love and care about after you’ve gone. If you include a gift to Open Doors, however small, you’ll be blessing your wider family in Christ in their hour of greatest need.

You don’t have to be rich in monetary wealth to put Open Doors in your Will – simply rich in spirit.

When your suffering brothers and sisters face their darkest hour, you will be there with them in spirit and your support will be there in practice, to sustain and strengthen them as never before.

"Over 12% of our annual funding comes from legacy gifts that the most amazing supporters leave in their Wills. This is vital funding that supports so many persecuted Christians around the world. We are so grateful for our supporters for enabling the work of our field teams. Without them the work stops!" Helen Lofthouse Legacy Officer

Please include Open Doors and your persecuted church family in your Will.

Find out how you can make a difference to our persecuted church family by requesting a copy of our booklet, What's your legacy? Order a copy by phoning 01993 777338 or emailing

Why including Open Doors in your Will matters

"Putting Open Doors in your Will is so easy to do, and the hope you can bring to thousands of lives is truly amazing Brother Andrew

The gifts supporters leave to Open Doors in their Wills are vitally important. The promise of help long into the future frees us to make an important promise to those who will look to us for spiritual and practical support when their need is greatest. Your legacy gift means we can say to them, “We will be there. We will stand with you when the time comes. You won’t be alone.”

Currently, gifts from Wills account for 12% of our income, which means there is a huge opportunity for us to do more for our suffering brothers and sisters now and far into the future, too. If everyone who wants to support the persecuted church, like you, could make this special provision for us in their Will, you could help us deliver more Bibles to those who are still denied access to God’s Word.

How to Include Open Doors In Your Will

Imagine the impact of training and equipping more Sunday School teachers so that tomorrow’s children could learn that Jesus loves them. Too many children in the world are growing up not knowing this vital truth.

We could provide more training to the next generation of eager pastors and church leaders. We could support the families of those who will be killed or imprisoned for their faith with practical sustenance such as food, shelter and the livelihood skills they need to provide for their families.

We can do all these things now and for years to come with a simple promise from you today in your Will. It won’t cost you anything right away, but it will mean a lifetime of support for those who in the future will suffer for following Jesus.

"We are so grateful for the amazing support and prayers from our supporters, many of whom have given sacrificially for very many years" Andreas, Open Doors Overseas Director

Don't put it off!

Many people leave it too late to protect the people they love with an up-to-date Will. Even if you have made a Will, it is very important to review it regularly to ensure it still takes account of all your wishes. All kinds of things can affect what is in your Will, such as the birth of a grandchild or the death of a spouse, a change of address or the end of a career when you retire. Updating your Will is also an ideal opportunity to remember Open Doors and your extended family – the persecuted church. Why not make an appointment to see your solicitor today?

For further information about how you can make a legacy to Open Doors, please contact Helen Lofthouse on 01993 777338 or email

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