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Do something illegal – send a Bible to North Korea

Christians in North Korea are risking their lives to follow Jesus. It’s absolutely illegal to believe in a greater power than the nation’s leader, Kim Jong-un, and if a secret Christian is discovered, they face arrest, imprisonment, torture, and almost certain death.

And yet, there are an estimated 300,000 courageous Christians in North Korea, who believe that following Jesus is worth the risk. And amazingly, you can put Bibles and other vital aid into their hands through Open Doors secret networks.

Our workers are keeping 60,000 believers alive by smuggling in food, medicines and other aid – but this work is only possible thanks to the prayer and support of people like you.

  • £20 can provide Bible study materials for two courageous North Korean believers, to build their faith and bring them comfort.
  • £58 can provide food, medicine and clothes to support a North Korean family for a month.


To give from the Republic of Ireland please download this PDF  PDF from iMap.