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Help rebuild lives and restore hope in Syria and the Middle East

Despite the dangers of war and the threat of persecution, Pastor Abdalla courageously decided to stay in Aleppo to serve his church. He’s still there as Syrians start to rebuild their communities and look to the future. His church is a Centre of Hope for those who stayed and those who have returned. It’s funded by you.

“We still need your help; we need people to stand with us,” says Pastor Abdalla.

Your support and prayers can establish more Centres of Hope, which provide short-term aid as well as micro-loans and training to restore livelihoods help people rebuild their lives for the long term.

You can offer the hope that Christians in the Middle East need. Please pray and give a lasting gift of hope today.

  • Every £24 could provide ongoing medical care for a believer in Syria.
  • Every £35 could provide a supplementary food pack for a vulnerable family in Syria that will enable them to survive for a month.
  • A gift of £65 could go towards providing training and a loan to enable a believer to open a small business so they can support their family and community.*

*The total cost of this training and a loan is £452 per person.

My gift to the Middle East

To give from the Republic of Ireland please download this PDF  PDF from iMap.