Bake With Them!

Bake With Them!

The pandemic has shown that many of life’s small joys involve food – whether that’s having friends round for dinner, eating out, or simply grabbing a snack from a favoured shop. But for many of our persecuted family, restrictions caused by Covid-19 are not the only barrier to the enjoyment of food.

Vartouhi (pictured right) runs a kitchen in Aleppo, Syria, which makes and sells Armenian cuisine. Sadly, she had to close her shop because of the country’s civil war. Once the fighting subsided, she hoped to return, but the building was damaged and utensils had disappeared. Thankfully, your support helped fund repairs and replacements for the kitchen to reopen.

Vartouhi’s story is a reminder of how baking can be a tremendous blessing to our persecuted family. It’s why we’ve put together Bake With Them, a resource featuring Vartouhi’s recipe for Baklava – as well as other recipes from Nigeria and India – for you to raise money for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

These are easy-to-make recipes and the resource works in person, socially distanced or online.

I’m in! What do I need to do?

  • Order the pack
  • Plan your event – decide whether it will be outside, inside or online
  • Spread the word
  • Gather your donations either with cash (a sponsorship form can downloaded here) or by setting up a JustGiving page
  • Get baking!

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The pack contains everything you need to run your very own baking fundraiser, including a handy how-to guide, recipe cards and stories from the persecuted church, posters, labels and gift aid forms.

You can pick up loads of other handy tips and resources here, including guidance on staying safe and how to best promote your fundraising on social media.

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Bake With Them!

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“Knowing how hard it was for us in lockdown made me think how much worse the situation would be if you were denied something as simple as food. I wanted to encourage Christians that they are not forgotten or alone.”

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