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Blackout 2018: 26-28 October

No Instagram. No Facebook. No What’s App. No gaming. No Spotify. No phone. No internet.

Spend up to 48 hours offline to raise money and prayer for silenced, persecuted Christians. Can you stay quiet?

Blackout is a sponsored 48-hour digital fast to support persecuted Christians. That means a whole weekend, either on your own or with your family, without phones, the internet, social media or anything involving the web. Pretty hard, huh?


By getting sponsored to go quiet online, you’ll raise money for Christians in Syria who have fled horrific persecution and are still homeless, needing food, medicine and shelter. Plus you can use the time you’re not spending on your phone in prayer, making a massive noise before God for your persecuted family.

With my family? You must be joking!

Going screen free for 48 hours might sound like your worst nightmare, but in going silent online and giving up your tech, we reckon you’ll enjoy some real life social networking and connect as a family without the constant distractions of phones, social media, TV and gaming. Plus, you’ll be standing alongside, learning about and supporting persecuted Christians silenced for their faith.

We’ve created a special ‘Blackout for Families Guide’ to help you navigate a weekend offline – order your Blackout pack below and we’ll send one out to you!

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Blackout pack

The pack features a mini-guide with reflections, activities and stories to use over the weekend, along with a phone sticker, sponsor forms and our special Blackout for families booklet too. Plus there are a bunch of additional downloads to help you promote and plan your Blackout below!

Order a printed pack now using the link below or call (0)1993 460015

You can also download materials and some additional resources below.

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Additional info

When and how long? The Blackout 2018 Weekend is taking place from 7pm on Friday 26 October to 7pm on Sunday 28 October. However, if the dates don’t suit, you can do Blackout whenever you like, and for a shorter period too! Some people try a 24-hour fast, whilst others have spent 12 hours offline – it’s really up to you when and how long you Blackout for!

Raising money?

Blackout is a sponsored digital fast. That means, you’ll raise money to help persecuted Christians by taking on the challenge of a weekend without the web. This year, the money raised through Blackout will go to help Christians in war-torn Syria who have fled horrific persecution and are still homeless, needing food, medicine and shelter.

Not sure about getting sponsored? No problem. Why not donate the combined monthly cost of your family’s internet and phone bills? You could challenge family members to donate the cost of an app they want to get or new music tracks they want to download.

Get your free Blackout pack!

Up for it? Order your free Blackout pack now to help you get started.

Order it online now or call 01993 460015