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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I join the trip and not take part in the Muskathlon race?

Why is the trip over a week long?

Can I take my bike?

I am definitely not a seasoned athlete - can I still take part in the Muskathlon?

What if I don’t reach the Muskathlon fundraising target?

Can I just take part in the race day and not the rest of the trip?

What is the accommodation like where the Muskathlon is taking place?

What’s included in the cost of a Muskathlon and what is not?

How should I go about booking my flight?

What is the Muskathlon itinerary?

Will there be any advice on how I should train for Muskathlon?

How is the Muskathlon organised?

"It is a life changing challenge. What started out as a fund raising physical challenge ended up being a Spiritual growing spurt with God giving us all so much more than we ever expected."
- Pamela, Muskathlete