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Fundraising Tips

£10,000 is a large sum, but Muskathlon is a big challenge and the need of our persecuted brothers and sisters is great.

You can also invite people to give £25 a month to support the work of Open Doors. Each sponsor counts as £1,000 of your total.

This means you can make up the£10,000 as a combination of cash donations and family sponsorships.

So, everything is big in this challenge, but that means the outcome is significant: Big help for our persecuted brothers and sisters, big life achievement for the Muskathlete and a big impact upon their own church and community at home.

Remember that often, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the response!

We will help to support you with plenty of fundraising ideas. You don't always have to do the organising yourself, there may be folk at your church or some of your friends who would be happy to organise an event for you.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Quiz night - Don't forget to throw in a round about the persecution of Christians. This is a great opportunity to educate your friends on the suffering many Christians face, day to day.
  • Concert - Even if you can't get a tune out of a CD player, you might know someone who can.
  • Talent night - Perhaps you could hold a Church Talent Night. You may well find many hidden talents among your church family!
  • Auction - If you don't have items to auction, then have an 'auction of promises'. Folk bid for your or others services such as babysitting, a few hours of gardening, cooking a meal, cleaning etc.

These are just a few ideas. For lots more, look at the attached fundraising ideas below.

You may be worrying about what happens if you don't reach your fundraising target. Please remember we are here to support you and help you to get there. The Muskathlon is a leap of faith and most people do achieve their target, even if at the start they don't know how they will! Don't worry, last year everyone managed to raise a significant amount and completed their Muskathlon. You can do it too!

Fundraising ideas PDF

"It is a life changing challenge. What started out as a fund raising physical challenge ended up being a Spiritual growing spurt with God giving us all so much more than we ever expected."
- Pamela, Muskathlete