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Jordan Muskathlon

What is involved in the Jordan Muskathlon?

We are very excited about the Jordan Muskathlon here at Open Doors because it really is a unique adventure!  Really we like to think of it as 3 challenges:

  • The physical challenge of running, trekking or cycling. (You choose between running 13, 26 or 39 miles, trekking 39 miles or cycling 75 miles.)
  • The fundraising challenge of raising £10,000 for the persecuted church.
  • The spiritual challenge of deepening your faith with God.

 Tell me more about the trip

This is an adventure and fun filled week in which you’ll enjoy:

  • daily group devotions and team times
  • visits to refugees from Syria and Iraq
  • training sessions
  • sightseeing trips
  • visits to churches in Jordan

 Your Muskathlon event will take place on the final day of the trip.  You’ll set off early in the morning and finish with a huge celebration!

When is it taking place?

The Jordan Muskathlon will run from 6-13 October 2018

What is the current situation in Jordan?

Jordan has a population of 7.9 million, including 169,000 Christians. It has long been one of the Middle East's more liberal countries for religious freedom, but the tide is turning for Christians. Expat Christians and historical Christian communities are relatively free - as long as they do not evangelise Muslims. But believers from Muslim backgrounds face serious oppression from local authorities, non-Christian religious leaders, even their own families. The large number of Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq, combined with the rise of radical Islam, is putting increasing pressure on Christians, resulting in it sitting at number 27 on the World Watch list this year.

How will Open Doors use the money raised by Muskathletes taking part in this event?

The money raised through the Jordan Muskathlon can help to support Syrian and Iraqi refugees fleeing extreme persecution; people who are refugees in their own country (internally displaced people) as well as those who have fled to a neighbouring country such as Jordan. Read more about the types of projects Muskathlon has helped https://www.opendoorsuk.org/act/fundraise/muskathlon/how-muskathlon-is-helping/