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Will you unite with the church worldwide to pray for and support the persecuted church this November?

Open Doors is uniting with religious liberty organisations including the Evangelical Alliance, CSW and Release International, in dedicating November as a special month of prayer and action for the persecuted church. And we are inviting Christians across the UK and Ireland to unite together to pray for the persecuted church, using the prayer below, on the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church (19 November) or a day to suit your church.

Father God,

As one Church, united under your holy headship, and knowing that we are all one family in Christ;

We pray for those who suffer in your name all over the world, our brothers and sisters, who share in that same great gift of salvation through your Son,

but who face injustice, oppression and even death because of their faith in you.

We want to walk with them as they journey through the valley of darkness,

and we pray knowing that you are a God of compassion, comfort, and justice;

who always hears their prayers, never leaves them and will forever be their fortress and shield, whatever they face.

We pray that you will grant them strength, courage,

and protection from those who seek to harm them because they follow you;

Guidance and wisdom for when their path seems impossible to tread,

And hope for a future where they have the freedom to worship you without fear.

In the name of Jesus,


Rebuild Hope resource


Another way to help your church pray for persecuted Christians during November is by using the Rebuild Hope pack. It and includes films, prayers, and activities suitable for an all-age service and tells the story of 12-year-old Noeh and his family as they prepare to return to their home in Iraq.

As well as praying, please encourage your church to rebuild hope for persecuted Christians in the Middle East by signing the global petition – a sample of which is included in the Rebuild Hope pack. But do return your signatures as soon as possible! The petition will be presented at the United Nations on 11 December and to the UK government on 13 December.

For more resources for the month of prayer, visit the RLC website.