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Encouraging bunting for Iraqi children

Five years ago, the children and families of Qaraqosh had to flee their homes when so-called Islamic State (IS) took over their city – and their school.

Now the children have been able to return and, with the support of Open Doors, the former IS army base has been transformed back into a school. They are very happy to be back, even if not everything is perfect. Now they are dreaming of the future.

Basma (11) draws a map of Iraq with a palm branch, the symbol of peace. She says, “My dream is that we have peace in our country, and we collaborate.” Marsel (12) dreams of a city in which people help and love each other, where he can play on the street with his friends. Majid (11) draws a library – he wants his town to be educated. He also includes a Lego factory and dreams of becoming an engineer. He wants to be like Jesus in the wilderness, fighting all temptations and achieving victory over evil.

Malak dreams that her city will always be safe and that God will take care of her: “Safety makes me happy.” Yousif (11) hopes that IS will never return. His favourite Bible story – the storm on the lake - reminds him to trust in God: “When the storm comes, Jesus tells His disciples not to be afraid.” Mary (11) loves the story of Jesus’ resurrection: “It proves that He loves us.” She draws a family having a picnic: “They can do that because there is peace.”

These hopes and dreams are not yet fully realised, so please pray for the children of Iraq.

Send bunting to Iraq

These children deserve a bright new start to their school year, so we are inviting you to make colourful flags which can be hung in their classrooms. Then, every time they see their flags, they will remember that you care for them.

How to create your paper bunting

  1. Give children blank paper ‘flags’ to draw on.
  2. These ‘flags’ don’t have to have to be country flags, they can contain any picture that’s cheerful, colourful and suitable for a classroom.
  3. Each child can add their name, age and country to their ‘flag’.
  4. Collect up the flags and attach them to some string, allowing one metre between each flag. This will make it easier to hang the bunting and, if necessary, for them to add other flags in between.
  5. Please send all your paper bunting in one envelope to Open Doors UK & Ireland, PO Box 6, Witney, OX29 6WG.

We will make sure it arrives safely at St Joseph’s School, Qaraqosh. If there is an abundance of bunting, it will be shared with other schools in the Nineveh Plains where children have similar backgrounds.

Please note that this campaign ended on 4 September 2019 - please get all your beautiful bunting to us by then!

Another dream Basma has is to see all of you! She says: “I hope that many people from all over the world will come to visit our city.”

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