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Middle East: Abdu (online only)

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Last year, 15-year-old Abdu from the Middle East converted from Islam to Christianity. Now, he needs your encouragement and prayers.

Struggles began for Abdu when his parents separated. His mother then converted from Islam to Christianity, after which the family quickly faced danger because of her beliefs. They moved city, but still faced discrimination - so, leaving Abdu and his brother in the care of a relative, his mother moved to build a new life for them abroad. But without their father's legal permission, Abdu and his brother could not follow.

Two years passed, and Abdu still hasn't seen his mother. He and his brother, unable to live with their relatives any longer, had to live on the streets. But through the care of a Christian family, they were given a home.

Sadly, this did not last. Their father managed to contact them and told them to move back with him - but as soon as they did, he tried to force them to return to Islam: "If you are not a Muslim, you are not my son. If you do not choose Islam, you will die." Abdu's brother was happy to stay. But Abdu wanted to leave. This time, he fled alone.

Abdu is now being looked after and supported by local Christians. But he still faces pressure from his family, and is worried about his future.

Let Abdu know he's not alone!

Can you send a short message, reflection, video or picture to let Abdu know that you are standing with him and praying for him? It would particularly be good if you know any teenagers who could send him a message. Here’s what you can send:

  • A short (100 word) message or reflection on a Bible passage
  • A video (up to 15 seconds) such as you reading your favourite Bible verse
  • Pictures of a card you've made for him and/or a prayer
  • A picture of an illustration of your favourite Bible verse

Please make sure the files are no bigger than 15MB in total.

Campaign end date: 25 April 2018

You must email your message to inspire@opendoorsuk.org only. We cannot pass on hardcopy messages.

For further guidelines on messages of encouragement (please note that you can only email these messages, not post them)  visit our simple letter-writing guidelines page.