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“You deserve to be dead.”

Those are the words Sarah* heard from her father. He had just discovered her secret Bible. In their strictly Muslim household in North Africa, owning a Bible is considered shameful enough – but Sarah had just told him something even more shocking: “I quit Islam and became a Christian.”

Sarah’s father beat her, then threw her out. As a woman on her own, she was incredibly vulnerable. Thankfully, she was able to find help through her local church and Open Doors partners who, thanks to your prayers and support, provided essentials and somewhere to stay.

Despite being treated appallingly by her family, Sarah still loved them and wanted to see them. And they were willing – but on the condition that she got married.

Sarah married a man who, at first, seemed tolerant towards her faith. “After our marriage, he suddenly turned against me,” says Sarah. “I experienced physical abuse, disrespect, mistrust.” One day, Sarah’s husband ordered her to leave the house. “You’re not useful anymore,” he said. Sarah hoped her parents would accept her home again, but they told Sarah to go back to her husband.

Open Doors local partners were again able to be there for Sarah, and are still helping her rebuild her life – including providing discipleship training and a job, so she can become financially independent.

“I knew that so many others, whom I didn’t know in person, were praying for me,” shares Sarah. “That brought me joy and made me feel that God was with me.”

Another way you can remind Sarah that God is with her is by writing to her. She’d love to hear from you!

*name changed for security reasons


  • This is an online only campaign
  • Sarah speaks Arabic and a little French. Please write short and simple phrases in either English or French (please see here for a selection of messages in French that you might like to use)
  • Be encouraging and feel free to include one or two Bible verses. For security reasons, please do not use verses that refer to Israel, armies, or war
  • Show sensitivity. Please do not dwell on the recipient’s plight, or share about the blessings of life in your country.

For security

  • Do not mention Open Doors
  • Do not mention other religions
  • Do not refer to Israel, even when using Scripture
  • Do not criticise religions, religious extremists, governments, judicial systems or political leaders
  • Do not send money or make proposals to help
  • You can disclose your name and the country you live in, but do not provide your full name or full address.

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