Thank you for walking alongside Trinity, Alvaro and Anita, as they recover from their ordeal after being caught up in a bomb attack in Samarinda, Indonesia two years ago. They have been doing amazingly well!

Alvaro has just had his last surgery, which means his scalp can now grow hair normally. This is such a relief for his parents, who have travelled extensively to get him the right treatment. Novita, Alvaro’s mum, said, "It was always stressful for me to watch him go through all those procedures. I had once asked him whether he wanted to stop because I could not bear to see him suffer before, during and after the operation. But he is so much stronger than I am. He told me, ‘It’s alright, Mama. I am okay. I can bear the injections, as long as it takes us home to Samarinda, better and faster!’ He is such a brave and strong boy."

Trinity’s condition is a bit more complicated, but her mum, Sarina, is trusting in God to show them the way forward. "I can never forget how God brought Open Doors to us since the very beginning. Your prayers have always been there to wipe away our tears during those difficult times. Please continue to pray for us," she said.

Both the children and their parents have been thrilled with all of your beautiful cards, drawings and letters. Anita's dad said, "[These letters are] so beautiful. We are very grateful, even though we can’t mention all your names individually."

Alvaro grins happily at the camera as he offers his own thanks. "Thank you, my friends, for sending me the letters. I am very happy! Please continue to pray for me so that I can recover quickly and be handsome again!"