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Florence was only 10 years old when she was attacked by militant Fulani, a tribe of nomadic, predominantly Muslim cattle herders.

“I was sleeping at home with my grandmother when they came and raped me. From that time on I cry a lot and I don’t find anything that makes me happy."

“I want you to pray against a spirit of fear in me because just seeing a cow makes me fear and I don’t know how it will be.” The abuse suffered by girls like Florence is truly shocking. In Nigeria, many hundreds of children have become victims of gender-based violence.

Florence Florence Self Portrait


Florence attended an art-therapy workshop run by Open Doors partners in Nigeria.

“When I came for the programme, after the first two days I started feeling happy and I felt as if everything was going away gradually... And when I went back, a lot of people started saying ‘What is happening?’ and I told them ‘Nothing is happening; it’s peace of mind.’

“When I was drawing, I was thinking of what happened to me that day. But after I finished drawing, I totally forgot about the whole thing.”


  • Pray. Florence says, “Please pray for provision so that I can go to school.” Pray also that children like Florence will not live in fear because of the awful things that have been done to them.
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