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Delivery trips

In many countries it is incredibly difficult to purchase Christian materials. Churches often share Bibles amongst their members or even copy pages by hand. We are committed to equipping our Christian family with the materials they need - in 2015 Open Doors delivered over 3 million Bibles, books and Christian resources! You can be a part of this ministry by joining a delivery trip and becoming one of our daring travellers.

Once the delivery has taken place there is often no further contact with believers in the country for security reasons. Although you may never meet the believers who receive the materials you deliver, you will have a lasting impact on their faith.

North Africa

Throughout the year
Type: Delivery
Cost: Approximately £500
Duration: 1 day
Help us deliver much needed literature to help new Christians, leaders and pastors to receive teaching and training. The church in this country is growing at a fast pace but they are unable to obtain Christian material in-country and there is a desperate need. You will also hopefully have the tremendous privilege of spending time with a Christian learning about the situation in the country and praying in strategic places. For security reasons these are very short trips and an adventurous spirit is needed!

"Visiting persecuted Christians and equipping them is such an honour. It is a challenge I am so glad to have met."
- Margaret, Traveller with Open Doors