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Encouragement trips

When Brother Andrew first went to visit persecuted Christians behind the Iron Curtain, he was struck by what a pastor said to him: "We want to thank you for being here. Even if you had not said a word, just seeing you would have meant so much. We feel at times as if we are all alone in the struggle."

So join an encouragement trip and let our persecuted brothers and sisters know that they are not alone. Your own faith will rise as you hear the stories of God’s work among his people, and your heart for the persecuted church will grow as you get to the know the faces behind the headlines.


Month: September
Group size: 6–10
Main purpose: Encouragement
Cost: Approx £2,300
Duration 8 Days

This trip offers the opportunity to learn more about the situation across China, past and present and future, and to get an insight into how the church is functioning in 2018. It is said that, “Every day, somewhere in China, a Christian is being threatened and persecuted.” This is still happening today: blatantly, in certain regions, and more subtly in urban areas. What is the church’s response?

During the trip, you will meet with believers from various churches, discover their differing perspectives and have the chance to pray with them. You will have the wonderful opportunity to meet with our partners and see what Open Doors does, first-hand.

Please note: you will need to be in good, physical health and be able to walk for at least an hour at altitudes of 3,000m and above.

"There is simply no substitute for meeting people, hearing their stories and seeing them in the flesh."
- Julia, Traveller with Open Doors