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Advocacy Reps

How amazing would it be if we had an Advocacy Rep in every constituency in UK & Ireland? Then, every MP would hear about the persecution of our family and be given updated research to encourage them to take real action in the corridors of power.

If this vision excites you, then we would love to hear from you!

How it works

We want to make our advocacy work even more strategic and dynamic by raising up volunteers to represent Open Doors to their MP(s) at a local level across the UK. The more Advocacy Reps we have, the more MPs we can engage, and therefore our influence in the UK government to advocate for the persecuted church will increase. This is a great opportunity to be part of God’s plan for your persecuted family, and working to ensure that the voices of persecuted Christians around the world are amplified to those in authority in the UK.

The role of an Advocacy Rep is simply to be a local representative of Open Doors to your MP. MPs love to hear from their constituents, so whether you are highly experienced in advocacy or not, it is your passion and leverage as a constituent that is most important. So don’t be intimidated!

As a constituent, you have power, for MPs are voted in by their constituents. Of course, every MP is different and some are more responsive than others. We know however, that MPs engage with an issue more when constituents demonstrate their personal commitment to a cause. Advocacy Reps will be given the support and resources to communicate their commitment to the persecuted church to their MP, increasing the possibility of engagement with your MP.

What we need from you

There are three key opportunities in the year for an Advocacy Rep: around the launch of the yearly World Watch List, when Open Doors launches a report and an event that could help you engage your church with the persecuted church. Therefore, it is very unlikely that an Advocacy Rep would need to do anything even monthly, more likely to be bi-monthly.

We are looking for people who are willing to use their power as a constituent and passion for the persecuted church to raise the plight of our persecuted brothers and sisters to those in power.

We will provide training on how to engage with your MP and also provide a webinar every time Open Doors launches a new report so you feel fully confident when meeting your MP.

Get involved

Your support helps persecuted Christians continue to courageously follow Jesus.
Together, we can reach those where persecution hits hardest.