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Singled Out But Not Alone

As Hindu extremism grows in India, hundreds of our brothers and sisters have faced violent attacks this year alone. Open Doors local partners need to significantly scale up their work to meet the increasing needs of our church family. Your prayers and gifts can enable Open Doors local partners to provide emergency relief and long-term support.

  • Every £21 could resource a Rapid Response team of volunteers for a month as they give food, medical care and legal assistance, as well as comfort and support, to persecuted believers.
  • Every £52 could help strengthen the church to withstand persecution by training two pastors to understand the legal rights of Christians in India.

My Gift To Support Persecuted Christians In India


To give from the Republic of Ireland please download this PDF PDF from iMap.

*Every pound you give will be used to support persecuted Christians – our administrative costs have been covered. Any excess funds will help to strengthen persecuted Christians where the need is greatest.
**This will be used to support my brothers and sisters where the need is greatest.