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Give hope to a family in Iraq

Christian families forced to run from their homes are now trapped in Iraq. They can't return home, work or provide food for their children. Every day, Open Doors' Middle Eastern network provides a lifeline to over 24,000 families who have fled their homes in Iraq and Syria. Now almost 15,000 families in Iraq depend on Open Doors for food. Our emergency supplies have become a symbol of God's hope.

Families living in temporary shelter, even church halls, face another harsh winter reliant on others for food. Yet many food distributors are leaving Iraq. If Open Doors left too, one church leader said: "What will happen to our people? For sure they will die."

Are you giving as a church?

Will you give to provide an emergency food parcel for a family in Iraq?

  • £35.50 can provide an emergency food parcel to feed a family of five for two weeks with essential food items like eggs, rice, pasta, and cans of meat
  • £71 can provide an emergency food parcel for a family of five to last a month (Pack contains essential food items such as rice, pasta, and cans of meat)

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To give from the Republic of Ireland please download this PDF PDF from iMap.

God's Smuggler

Your free copy of God's Smuggler

To celebrate our 60th anniversary year, we'd like to send you a free copy of God's Smuggler, Brother Andrew's best-selling book. We hope it will inspire you as you say 'Yes' to God - just as Brother Andrew did when he followed God's call to meet with persecuted Christians in 1955. And if you already have one, why not pray about who you could give it to for their encouragement?

*I understand this will be used to support my brothers and sisters where the need is greatest.