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In March 2020 when most of us were socially isolating due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Partnerships team launched a webinar series called Connect. The series was designed to connect you, our donor-partners, directly with the Open Doors team and our persecuted church-partners.

Our hope with the series is to make sure you feel connected to the ministry that you support and care for, that you receive a blessing, and that you feel appreciated.

Thanks from Rob McIntyre, Board chairman

Thanks from Henrietta Blyth, CEO

Thanks from Eddie Lyle, President

Open Doors Connect Series

For security, we ask that you do not share this link with anyone outside of your household. All videos are password protected, please contact Joe Graves for access

Upcoming Episode:

March 2021 World Watch List 2021: Connecting the trends

Dr Ron Boyd-MacMillan will walk us through the data and highlight points of interest from the 2021 WWL

Recent: Word Watch Parlimentary Launch


Season 1

  1. Connect: with the Field - An intimate conversation between Eddie Lyle and an Open Doors partner from India. (42 mins)
  2. Connect: with the Team - Henrietta Blyth and Lisa Pearce, Chief Development and Advocacy Officer for Open Doors International, share how we are adapting programs during the Covid-19 outbreak. (36 mins)
  3. Connect: with our Legacy - A discussion about current issues facing the global church Dr Ron Boyd-MacMillan, Director of Strategic Research for Open Doors International. (50 mins)

Season 2

  1. Connect: Hope for the Middle East - Pastor Charlie presents the struggles facing the Church in Palestine and Israel. (1h 22mins)
  2. Connect: Standing Strong, West Africa - Our Open Doors’ Partner in West Africa explores how Christians are standing strong with hope and grace amid growing persecution. (1h 02 mins)
  3. Connect: Central Asia - Due to the sensitivity of the information included in these videos, we are not able to share them on this site. Joe Graves is able to send you the details if you would like to see them.

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