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Thank you for your prayers and support for your persecuted church family around the world.

Because of partners like you, for instance, more than 500 North Korean Christian families are being provided with monthly relief packs, smuggled into the country by Open Doors secret workers. These vital packs include food, medicines, winter clothes and blankets.

You are also providing food, housing and immediate trauma care to more than 100 persecuted women in many different countries, as well as education support for their children.

You have already raised over half a million pounds to support Christians facing the most extreme persecution.

How your support has helped Rachel

Rachel* was imprisoned for her faith; in Iran, converting from Islam to Christianity is called a ‘crime against national security’. When she was released, her daughter Kimya* wouldn’t let go of her.

“She said, ‘Mommy, please don’t every leave me again’,” remembers Rachel. “I knew I’d end up back in prison if I stayed in Iran – so my family fled.”

Once outside Iran, Rachel, her husband and Kimya could participate in an Open Doors trauma-care conference, organised with your support.

The family has grown in their faith. “In prison I learned to trust God. Really trust God, on a deep level,” says Rachel: “I also changed as a mother. I am even more passionate to teach my daughter about Christ and spend time reading the Bible with her.” The physical abuse, oppression and rejection the family has endured has left deep scars but, thanks to your support, they now have the essential tools to help them heal from their trauma.

Your support also means that persecuted families like Rachel’s can receive legal advice. Funds enable the creation of online resources for Christians still living in Iran as well, helping them to prepare themselves and their children for persecution.

*Names changes for security reasons

Personalised funding packages

We believe joy-filled giving stems from donating in line with your passions. To encourage just that type of giving, the Partnerships team can create funding packages based on programme activity, and countries or regions of interest. If you would like to discuss what is possible, call the team on 01993 777303. We’d love to hear from you.

Our team

The Partnerships Team is responsible for the stewardship of your support. To improve your engagement experience with Open Doors, we provide opportunities for you to learn more about how your persecuted brothers and sisters are living around the world.

Ultimately, when we hear from you, we can serve you better. Please call our team on 01993 777303 if you have feedback or if you want to discuss anything with us.