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Personal connection and engagement with persecuted Christians and their stories of faith are informative and transformational. We try and present to you as many of these opportunities as possible.

Events are a valuable opportunity to learn, listen, engage and pray with our brothers and sisters.

Travel is an investment in our ministry of ‘presence’. As well as an amazing personal experience for you, it is an opportunity to minister to the persecuted church though simply travelling and representing ‘family’.


God’s story is so much bigger than just us! Through our trips donors can meet, sit and pray with our persecuted brothers and sisters. In 2019, our team has led trips to South Korea, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

Provisional details of our 2020 trips are as follows:

  • Nigeria (April) 9-day trip. £2,300
  • India (May) 8-day trip. £2,100
  • Iraq (Sept) 10-day trip. £1,400

Planning for the 2021 travel schedule will begin in Spring 2020.

We update the Travel with us page with information about other trips, open to all Open Doors supporters.


Throughout the year we host representatives from the persecuted church. If you would like to meet with our guest speakers or invite them to an event near you, let us know.

Our speakers will be at the following Open Doors events in 2020:

  • The 2020 World Watch List (January 110th, Westminster)
  • Standing Strong (October at multiple venues across the UK & Ireland)

Other opportunities for you to get involved with Open Doors events can be found on our Take Action page.


We also want to meet you. You are an important part of this ministry and our desire is that you feel personally connected to it. We also have many stories of encouragement to share and can answer any questions you have. Most importantly, we want to encourage our fellowship and pray for each other and pray together for our persecuted church family.

“The mystery of ministry is that we have been chosen to make our own limited and very conditional love the gateway for the unconditional love of God. Therefore, true ministry must be mutual.”
- Henri Nouwen, In the Name of Jesus